What is the meninism movement? Is it significant at all?

Feminism is very common now. You can find celebrities and general public declaring themselves as feminists. Feminist activities are held throughout the year. Even many men are now supporting the feminism movement. Meninism is a new concept. Many say that men felt left out of the feminist movement, so they started the meninism movement. Meninism mainly started off by criticizing feminism. But now it has become a serious issue and they are starting to proudly wear a meninist shirt to project their views.

How does it compare to feminism?

It’s not only men who judge or objectify based on appearance. Women do the same as well. Rape and domestic violence also don’t only happen to women. It happens to men too. But the reaction that society has when a man says that he was raped is very negative. That’s why men cannot tell about their abuse and frustration like women do.

The society’s view on male rape victims hasn’t changed yet. Meninists want to express their feelings without the fear of losing their ‘masculine’ image. Meninists think why women can’t ask men out for a date, pay for the restaurant bills or open doors for them. Men feel the same pain in emotional situations the way female does. Feminists are, in fact, fighting for the same thing. They want to do everything that a man can do.

Meninism as a criticism to feminism?

Meninism started off by mocking feminism, but these people are the ones turned out to be getting the whole concept of feminism wrong. The good thing about the meninism movement is that now we know that people have a huge misconception about the feminism movement. So, now we can all work together to clarify our views on each gender and make it a better world to live.

Four reasons why pre-employment testing is so important

Recruiting the right employee for the right job is important. This task has become extremely challenging now as there are so many prospects and so much competition. The global economy and mobile workforce have made it more difficult. You cannot just rely on candidate interview to make a good hiring decision. Pre-employment testing allows employers to assess candidate’s education, past working experience, behaviors like credit history and criminal conviction, etc. Here are four reasons you should use pre-employment testing to hire employees.

Quality of Applicants

The quality of applicants has a direct relation to actual work performance. Many candidates don’t write the correct information on their resumes. So, when asked for a background check, they step aside. By pre-employment testing, you can identify the good quality applicants who will lead to better productivity and performance for jobs such as flutningsþrif Reykjavik


Preventing Misconduct

There will be less non-violent misconduct if employees are hired based on pre-employment testing. During this test, their backgrounds are checked. Candidates with a clean background are less likely to steal company assets, perform fraudulent activities, or commit any illegal activities like sexual harassment or abuse.


Negligence Hiring

It reduces the risk of negligence hiring litigation. Negligence hiring is a theory under which employers are held responsible for the injuries caused by the employees for not carefully selecting the employee. If the employer doesn’t know what he or she was supposed to know about the employees background, then the employers will be held responsible for any adverse actions of the selected employee.


Equal Opportunity

These tests allow equal employment opportunities. Employees cannot show biases in selection. So every candidate gets the chance to be chosen for the job.


Pre-employment testing can help recruit good candidates who will contribute a lot to the company. So, these tests are highly recommended.

How do we event management companies make their money?

Good event planning can generate high revenue for both the planners and businesses. Event planners use a ‘cost plus’ method for pricing their services. They charge 10% to 20% of the total cost of the event. There are many scopes to make money from this business including hópefli.

Knowing the Industry

Many people are involved in this business. If you have good relation with them and can negotiate the price, you can make money in every step of the event management process. There are many expenses you incur in managing an event from where you can make money by negotiation.

Ads on Your Venue

You need to book a venue for your event. You can make money from it if you can get a discount on it. Vendors like caterer, decorator, photographer, florist, etc. are also part of the event management business. They often provide commission if you can give them clients. This agreement helps event management companies to make money. Event management companies charge the market price for these expenses most of the time and earn money from the discounts they get.


People now organize events in massive scales. So, the bigger the event, the more money event management company makes through their service charges. If you have more in-house resources, you will be able to save on your expenses and make more money in this business.

Careful planning is essential to becoming a successful event management company. You will have continuous revenue if you know the techniques well and take the right decisions regarding vendor choice and others.