How do we event management companies make their money?

Good event planning can generate high revenue for both the planners and businesses. Event planners use a ‘cost plus’ method for pricing their services. They charge 10% to 20% of the total cost of the event. There are many scopes to make money from this business including hópefli.

Knowing the Industry

Many people are involved in this business. If you have good relation with them and can negotiate the price, you can make money in every step of the event management process. There are many expenses you incur in managing an event from where you can make money by negotiation.

Ads on Your Venue

You need to book a venue for your event. You can make money from it if you can get a discount on it. Vendors like caterer, decorator, photographer, florist, etc. are also part of the event management business. They often provide commission if you can give them clients. This agreement helps event management companies to make money. Event management companies charge the market price for these expenses most of the time and earn money from the discounts they get.


People now organize events in massive scales. So, the bigger the event, the more money event management company makes through their service charges. If you have more in-house resources, you will be able to save on your expenses and make more money in this business.

Careful planning is essential to becoming a successful event management company. You will have continuous revenue if you know the techniques well and take the right decisions regarding vendor choice and others.

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