What is the meninism movement? Is it significant at all?

Feminism is very common now. You can find celebrities and general public declaring themselves as feminists. Feminist activities are held throughout the year. Even many men are now supporting the feminism movement. Meninism is a new concept. Many say that men felt left out of the feminist movement, so they started the meninism movement. Meninism mainly started off by criticizing feminism. But now it has become a serious issue and they are starting to proudly wear a meninist shirt to project their views.

How does it compare to feminism?

It’s not only men who judge or objectify based on appearance. Women do the same as well. Rape and domestic violence also don’t only happen to women. It happens to men too. But the reaction that society has when a man says that he was raped is very negative. That’s why men cannot tell about their abuse and frustration like women do.

The society’s view on male rape victims hasn’t changed yet. Meninists want to express their feelings without the fear of losing their ‘masculine’ image. Meninists think why women can’t ask men out for a date, pay for the restaurant bills or open doors for them. Men feel the same pain in emotional situations the way female does. Feminists are, in fact, fighting for the same thing. They want to do everything that a man can do.

Meninism as a criticism to feminism?

Meninism started off by mocking feminism, but these people are the ones turned out to be getting the whole concept of feminism wrong. The good thing about the meninism movement is that now we know that people have a huge misconception about the feminism movement. So, now we can all work together to clarify our views on each gender and make it a better world to live.

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